3-D Sports Academy slogan is “WHERE THE COURT MEETS THE CLASSROOM”.

We believe that education in its present form is not apt to deal with the myriad of issues facing todays youth.Teachers today are dealing with children coming to school with domestic issues,violence in their neighborhood,and financial issues as well.The social networks play a large role in youth attention span.

The cell phone,texting is a big issue in school.Suffice to say we have challenges.We provide a creative means of education.Our first program is within a traditional class structure.We offer three classes.first is the Belief course.Second is the Confidence course.The third is the Focus course.We believe the foundation of education is our three principle method.Belief,Confidence,Focus are the pillars of success in education.The Brain is a three pound amazing part that controls our body.

Every Sport best Athletes incorporate the three pillars.Recent discoveries in neuroanatomy indicate that play increases the number of glial cells,the connective tissue that links neurons within the brain.It has long been known that the number of glial,or connective cells is a much better indicator of brainpower than the number of neurons themselves.By increasing our brain’s connective through sports,we are enhancing our mental and creative capacities.We believe that learning occurs when we gain a new understanding of the similarties and differences things,events and ideas.

Our cutting-edge approach offers fresh ideas to a youth that is seeking to be more  creative then traditional curriculum.The second part of our program is based on mental games and questions to the youth while they are engaged in sports.The brain is open during physical ativity to implant new methods ,such as Neuro-linguistic-Programming (nlp) which is the corner stone of our program.


Recently The Major of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa said 60% of African-Americans and Latino male students were not graduating.This alarming statistic requires creative and outside imput to this educational crisis.We see sports as a tool to help students to learn in a fun less rigid form.We promote the lessons within all sports,not the selfish egotistical pattern that has developed recently.The majority of students love or like some sport.So their love or like can be a tool for the own educational benefit.California has thirty-three prisons,the largest in the United States.

The percentage of Latinos and African-American male correlate to the disproportionate number of prison population.3-d Sports Academy seek to be a bridge between the traditional schools.Our staff,including our founder grew up on the mean streets of Compton,Ca and Los Angeles.The envolvment with sports after school saved him from the gang and drug life.We can relate to inner city youth.Our staff at present is made up off African-American and Latino men from the Los Angeles area.The President of Alliance for Excellent Education said One year’s class of high school of dropouts will cost California

$38.5 billion dollars in lost wages,taxes and productivity over their lifetimes.3-D Sports Academy we have solutions to this crisis in our school system.